December 26, 2020

What is Revolut Business?

What is Revolut Business?

Revolut already has more than 500,000 customers using their business platform. In this short article i’m writing about Revolut for Business and i’m trying to give you all a better explanation about the features, the pricing and the subscription plans.

Revolut Business is an ideal solution for all freelancers or entrepreneurs who want to keep their finances under control from a single control panel.
Revolut will provide debit cards (plastic or metal as well as virtual cards) according to your subscription plan.

Subscription Plans Pricing

The first option to select is whether you are a company or a freelancer: as a company you can choose from 4 different subscription plans or if you are a freelancer you will find 3 plans. Let’s dig in, but remember double check these datas on the Revolut Website at this link.
Note: if you want also to know about the personal plans pricing read another my article here.


Price€ 0,00 / m€ 25,00 / m€ 100,00 / mcontact them
Free metal cards0125
Free local payments51001000
Free team members21030
Priority Support 24/7noyesyesyes


Price€ 0,00 / m€ 7,00 / m€ 25,00 / m
Free metal cards001
Free local payments520100
Free team members1410
Priority Support 24/7noyesyes

How to open a Revolut Business Account?

Open a Revolut Business Account is a very quickly and simple procedure. The first step is to visit the signup page at this link

Open Revolut Business Account

Here you will find 4 different options and you have to select the account type that you are looking for. The 4 options are:

  • I want to create a company account
  • I’m a freelancer
  • I was invited to join a company
  • I don’t have a business yet

For the first 2 options you have then to select the country in which your company is registered.
If your company already has a Business Account and they invited you to join this account, you have to select the third option.
If you don’t have a business yet, then selecting the fourth option you will be forwarded to a simple survey (screenshot below)

Revolut Business Survey

Revolut Business Contact

If you still have some questions about Revolut Business you can get in touch with a dedicated team at this link

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