Google Trusted Photographer


My name is Giuseppe Ricceri, a passionate Google Local Guide and a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. With extensive experience in the digital world, I currently work as a Growth Hacker at a leading iGaming Platform in Malta (my CV page at this link)

As a Google Local Guide, I have contributed valuable content to the platform, such as reviews, ratings, photos, and more, assisting users in discovering new places and making informed decisions. My experience as a Street View Trusted Photographer enables me to capture stunning 360-degree images and virtual tours, which can significantly enhance a business’s listing on Google Maps.

Combining my skills in these areas, I do a comprehensive service to help businesses optimize their presence on Google Maps and attract more customers.

What Am I Doing?

As a Google Local Guide, I’m doing a lot to assist individuals and businesses in improving their presence on Google Maps. These services include:

  • Listing local businesses and points of interest on Google Maps: I can help ensure your business or favorite spot is accurately represented and easy to find on Google Maps.
  • Writing detailed reviews and providing ratings for places: I can share my experiences and insights about various places, helping other users make informed decisions and showcasing the best that your business or location has to offer.
  • Adding photos and videos of local businesses and attractions: high-quality visual content is essential for attracting potential customers or visitors. I can capture and share photos and videos that highlight the unique aspects of your business or attraction.
  • Answering questions and providing information about places: as an experienced Local Guide, I can answer questions from users and provide
  • additional information about your business or location, helping to address any concerns or queries potential customers may have.
  • Updating existing information and suggesting new places on Google Maps: I can ensure that the information on Google Maps about your business or location is accurate and up-to-date. If your business is not yet listed or if there are new points of interest, I can assist in adding them to the platform.
  • Assisting businesses with improving their online presence: a strong online presence is crucial for any business, and Google Maps is a key platform for local discovery. I can work with you to optimize your business’s presence on Google Maps, helping you attract more customers and improve your overall visibility.

Experience and Expertise

Google Local Guide Malta

As a certified Google Street View Trusted Photographer, I’m confident in capturing high-quality 360-degree images and creating immersive virtual tours for businesses on Google Maps. With my official listing on Google’s website (check it out here Italy – Sicily – Enna), you can be sure in my expertise and ability to enhance your business’s online presence with stunning visual content.

Google Maps Views

Above, a screenshot of my account on Google Maps: more then 34.000.001 views!