December 3, 2020

Revolut login: how to access from a desktop

Revolut login: how to access from a desktop

Revolut has recently announced that now is possible to access accounts from web using a desktop computer. This is a feature that a lot of user were asking for: it will be easier to manage their saving.

Revolut also posted a tweet with a short video tutorial (10 seconds) which you can see below.

From today on, we can access to our favorite bank account not only with smartphone, but also Revolut would be accessed by different devices or platforms.

How to Login on Revolut from a computer?

It’s very easy: you just need to login from the new webapp at this link.

The system is secured by a two-factor authentication (2FA): to login you must enter your phone number. In the next page you must provide your Revolut Passcode (the 4 digit pin that you setup on the App).

Then you have 10 minutes to confirm the access from your phone (screenshot below)

Revolut Login from Desktop

Revolut Login FAQ

Can i use Revolut on Desktop?

Yes, now you can use Revolut on Desktop. Find the login link above.

How do i login into Revolut?

If you want to login into Revolut from a desktop read the article above and find the direct link to login.

Can i login into Revolut from a Mac?

Yes, now you can. Actually you can login from any OS because Revolut developed a web app that can be reach from any devices.

Do you want to know more about Revolut? Read my personal review at this link

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