April 13, 2020

How to install talkd on Raspbian

How to install talkd on Raspbian

Are you looking for install talkd daemon on Raspbian?

I will try to explain how to install it but before we start i just want to give a short explanation of what talkd is: it is the daemon that allow users to talk eachothers on the same machine.

how to install talkd
Talk in action

Going to the code, here how to install talkd on a raspberry pi: first you need to install all the packages that we need for with the following code:

$ sudo apt-get install talk talkd

After that you will need to modify /etc/hosts.allow adding this line:


Now try it.
Login with different users on the same machine and:

$ mesg y
$ talk user@localhost

“mesg y” allows write access in your terminal

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